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(2016-11-20, 2:14)Roland Dahl Wrote: In the case of editing large models having a lot of submodels, and provided that the part bin "all models currently being edited" is active my computer slows downs pretty much. For example: the model doesn't rotate quick and soft any longer but rotation is rather very slow and stuttering.
Those thumbnails can indeed slow things down especially during loading. But during normal editing they shouldn't matter that much unless you are editing thousands of parts.

If you working on a single mpd you can select the 'file content' group instead the 'all models' one. That should limit the number of cells if you have multiple model files open.

You should also check if 'FBO' is selected in the 'prefs/OpenGL/frame render method' option. If that is set to normal things could be much slower all the time as it will redraw all bin cells for each and every screen update (even hottracking changes etc).

If FBO won't enable (very old OpenGL driver/hardware) then you might want to disable hottracking in the same menu.

Improvements for the slowdown during loading are planned for Beta 2.
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