LDCad, submodels and mpd's

RE: LDCad, submodels and mpd's
Well, all this messing around and I'm learning stuff. Also found a bug.

You should be able to recreate the problem with the files attached to my OP.

Open the mpd.
Open the ldr.
Switch to the mpd. Create a new submodel.
Drag the Front_Tank ldr into it.

This is where I learned that double clicking that model actually takes you back to the original that you have open to edit it. The submodel is actually just a representation of the ldr just as a submodel is in an mpd. Smile That's the learning.

The bug is this: Now that you have things in that state, switch back to editing Front_Tank.ldr.
Click File, Close. Crashes every time.

ps. The reason I was trying to close the original while I had it open in the mpd was I assumed it might break the link and leave just the parts inside the submodel so that I could then insert that submodel into the main model. I was wrong.
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