LDCad, submodels and mpd's

RE: LDCad, submodels and mpd's
(2016-07-15, 0:03)DarrenĀ Carlson Wrote: I need help getting a ldr into an mpd as a submodel and not just a bunch of individual parts.

Here's the deal. I made a whole whack of edits to an mpd to get it near where I wanted it. Then I added an entire submodel for the tank on the front trailer.
Then I decided I wanted to start all over and keep some of what I took out of the original.

So I went back to the original, made the edits I wanted and I'm happy with that file right now. It's attached as B-Train_Powered_Tanks_Darren.mpd.
I then went to the other mpd I had created and duplicated the subfile I wanted out to a new ldr which is attached here as Front_Tank.ldr.

When I open both of these files and go to the parts bin and drag the Front_Tank.ldr into the larger mpd, it inserts as individual parts instead of a submodel. It does the same thing whether I use the Ins key or I drag and drop it.

I just tried adding a new submodel to the main mpd and then dragging the Front_Tank into that submodel. That works but when I then drag the submodel from the parts bin into the main window in the mpd, it still ends up being individual parts. I'm stumped.
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