[LDPatternCreator] Release 1.6.2 (Primitive Fix)

(2017-02-14, 9:07)Willy Tschager Wrote: Feature reuqest of the day:

* Layers (with a management as in PS) for background, the pattern itself and help lines, triangles, curves, cylinders you need for construction but not in the actual pattern, with the chance to blend them out/in with a mouse click once you don't need it any more. Current I color them differently and move them to the border but it's not ideal 'cos selection with CTRL is a pain when they overlay.


I like the idea. But, I have no perfect answer for the layer management. Are all vertices shared between every layer? Are triangles exclusive to a layer? What happens if you "merge down" a layer considering that you'll have a triangle overlap?
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