[LDPatternCreator] Release 1.6.2 (Primitive Fix)

Next development tasks...
(2016-09-08, 15:35)Willy Tschager Wrote: Nils,

I perfectly know that your focus is on LDPE and the wiki but since I'm doing mostly pattern these days and LDPC is far better than LDPE when it comes down to draw a pattern I'd like to once again stress on some of the issues - in case you're looking for distraction from coding LDPE :-)


Thanks, w.

Hi Willy,

at the moment, I implement a second render path (with modern OpenGL) for LDPE.
As a result, LDPE will be benefit from modern hardware, but it is still capable of running on old hardware as well (I will keep and maintain the old render path, too).
This task affects about 30.000 lines of code, since I have to re-implement many functions*

The good thing is that I am still able to write some text for the wiki (the new render engine looks the same and I am not implementing new features).
But in the end there is some hope... I will continue my work on LDPatternCreator... just... not now :)

* I do a migration from OpenGL 2.0 to the OpenGL 3.3 Core Profile.
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