Issue with Main ldr in LDCad

RE: Issue with Main ldr in LDCad
(2016-07-13, 20:59)Roland Melkert Wrote: [quote pid='22473' dateline='1468440632']
Here it is. Sorry. Misspoke. Not xml but rather just a text file defining all of the elements in the model.
I've attached the larger ldr with all of the submodels as well as just the individual ldr that I exported out of the larger ldr with MLCad thinking that might work.

The trailer model has multiple type 2 lines, the large mpd seems to be a problem in general as it won't load at all in 1.5 for me (it does in 1.6)

I'll have to investigate what's going on there but it's probably a 1.5 known (and fiixed in 1.6) bug.

I'll get back to you when I have more info.

That's interesting. It does load for me in 1.5. Whenever you can. I've already started editing what I can since the only thing I'll end up keeping is the frame and running gear. All of the power functions and decking are coming off.
I appreciate your help.
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