Issue with Main ldr in LDCad

Issue with Main ldr in LDCad
So firstly, let me thank you Roland for a terrific tool. I've tried a couple of LDraw editors as well as LDD itself and I find your tool by far the easiest to use.

Now, let's see if you can help me with a problem I'm having.

I have an ldr file from another builder that posted his MOC at rebrickable.
When I open that ldr in LDCad, the main model isn't built and complete. But when I open that ldr in MLCad, it's complete. I've also opened other ldr files from this builder in LDCad and they work.
I've included two as examples for you to troubleshoot with.
peterbilt389 works.
peterbilt379 doesn't.

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.ldr   peterbilt389.ldr (Size: 98.75 KB / Downloads: 4)
.ldr   peterbilt379_v2.ldr (Size: 114.44 KB / Downloads: 6)
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