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RE: Release Date for Milestone 0.8.18
(2016-07-10, 16:21)Nils Schmidt Wrote: I am going to release milestone 0.8.18 in the next week (monday or tuesday).

"As a user I want "Show selection in Text Editor" as a button on the GUI of the 3D editor"

I'l be extremly thankful for it, but I consider this just a first step for a better GUI. In fact I'd like to some automatism between the Text and the 3D editor.

* I'd like to have the part activated in the 3D when I click on the tab in the Text
* I'd like to have the part activated in the Text when I select a part to be showen in 3D from the tree - actually:
* I'd like to have tabs in the 3D along with the tree on the left side - I think the GUI lacks consistency with two totally different methods to select a part

Thanks, w.

BTW. The icons "Move the manipulator to the origin froma selected subfile" and "Move a selected subfile to the manipulator" look the same.
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