LPub3D (2.0.3) - Fading not applied to step 2?

RE: LPub3D (2.0.3) - Fading not applied to step 2?
(2016-06-29, 19:33)Trevor Sandy Wrote:
(2016-06-29, 0:01)David Manley Wrote: Hi Trevor,

I'm encountering unexpected behaviour where the fading is not being applied to step 2 but it is applied from step 3 onwards. If you take a look at this PDF, you will see that wherever a step 2 occurs (e.g. within a sub-assembly, a callout), the prior parts have not been faded. For steps 3 onwards it applies the fading as expected. I've attached the LDraw mpd file used to create the PDF to this thread.

Do you encounter similar behaviour for this LDraw file?



This looks like a bug. I'll take a look...

David - Just to let you know this is fixed in version 2.0.4.

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