[LICreator] - Bugs and Improvements

RE: [LICreator] - Bugs and Improvements
New release is ready to download. Thanks to your support. I added what you wrote, to my To Do List.

New Features:

  1. Action Step.splitParts  method based on the sorted list with respect to the coordinate on the Y axis
  2. Remember the location of the last used template
  3. Locations of tools stored in configuration file need full path with base-name of existing file
  4. Select Part  submenu of CSI contextmenu, displays only the first hundred of parts
  5. Added the possibility of moving parts to the step within the a single page via contextmenu
  6. Disable stretching for default message area  /MessageDlg/
  7. Can change and restore submodel display name
  8. Ability to pre-define custom page sizes in configuration file  /liceator.ini/
  9. Can restore scale|rotation from template for PLIItem ,CSI ,SubmodelPreview classes

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