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RE: LICreator 3.0 Reactivation
Here are the bugs I found in LICreator 2.1.109:
  • In "Change Page Size and Resolution", the function of Rescale all Page Element is not working. All elements won't scale up or down corresponding to the image size.
  • When using Auto Layout function, the page will be forced to change into vertical layout even the original setting is horizontal.
  • When parts are moved from a step to another, the PLI won't display the new incoming parts correctly. It just displayed a blank with Qty. Label unless Auto Layout the page.
  • When parts are moved from a step to another, the picture of both steps reamin intact after the change. It doesn't refresh autometically unless clicking CSI list of each step.
  • When parts are dragged by using cursor (not by the function of Move to Previous or Next) from a step to another, LIC usually crashes without a reason. (Sometimes, merging steps and moving part can also result in crash)
  • When the instruction is exported using "Generate Final Images",  the transparent parts lose their transparency in the exported picture.
  • When rotating the whole CSI in a step, the CSI won't preview the the change when the digits are entered. 
If you don't understand what I mentioned, I can take screenshots.

And the next part is the functions I wish to be included into new LIC.
Here is my wanted list:
  • Is it possible to turn the color of the brick's edge into white line when the brick's color is black or other dark colors? It is really hard to identify the black edge from black parts.
  • Is it possible to remove bricks shadow? Maybe you can add a button which can turn on or off lighting effect?
  • In old LIC, parts in Callout can be moved using Move to Previous or Next. However, the button has been moved in LICreator 2.1.109. Please add it back Smile
  • I wish users can adjust parts in Part List. Then users can move parts across Part List Pages or change the scale user's at will.
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