[LDPartEditor] 0.8.15 Beta Released

RE: [LDPartEditor] 0.8.15 Beta Released (randomise colours / bug fix)
Bug of the day: BFC INVERTNEXT doesn't work as intended. Scope of the statement should extend only to the next source line. A BFC INVERTNEXT before anything else than a type 1 line should be flagged as an error and be ignored. A BFC INVERTNEXT placed before a flat primitive should trigger a warning with quick fix (mirroring of the flat primitive in flat direction and suppression of BFC INVERTNEXT)
Related: deep inlining of primitives sometimes result in a BFC INVERTNEXT followed by triangle/quads/lines with INVERTNEXT visually acting on all of them. This shouldn't work this way: if inlined primitive needs to be inverted, no BFC INVERTNEXT should be added and all triangle/quads should have their winding swapped.
(Edit) Also related: if you hide an inverted primitive, its BFC INVERTNEXT statement should be ignored instead of beeing carried over next elements.
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