[LDPartEditor] 0.8.15 Beta Released

RE: [LDPartEditor] 0.8.15 Beta Released (randomise colours / bug fix)
Vertex merge with ctrl-W / ctrl-E is an awesome tool to reduce a mesh in a controlled way. So...
Wish of the day: when selecting several vertices with a marquee, it would be nice if the last vertex enclosed in the marquee became last vertex in selection so that ctrl+E merges all vertices onto this last vertex. That would be a great time saver!

Otherwise, never used so far the merge to nearest edge/face functions. Now I did, and I can say it's an awesome tool to coerce a random mesh to fit a primitive (eg. LDD wig mesh onto a LDraw head)
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RE: [LDPartEditor] 0.8.15 Beta Released (randomise colours / bug fix) - by Philippe Hurbain - 2016-05-26, 12:23

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