Chain/track animation in LDCad

RE: Chain/track animation in LDCad
(2016-05-18, 20:34)GretĀ Rumpel Wrote: Hi,
I used template to generate the tracks and v1.5 way of doing thingsĀ seams to be very inefficient.
It's pretty clear how to achieve the goal in v1.6 so I will wait for its stable release.
It sounds very easy and native as well that when you move first point of the template the whole of it will be regenerated.
When do you think a stable v1.6 will be available?
Thank you for the assistance.

It might be inefficient but in some cases, even in 1.6, it might be the only way to get a 'perfect' animation as you have total control over the links.

The first 1.6 beta will take some time as I currently don't have much time for the project. So you might want to try the next alpha first.
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