Any good LDraw viewer for Ubuntu 16.04?

RE: LDView for Ubuntu 16.04?
(2016-12-19, 13:34)Trevor Sandy Wrote:
(2016-12-18, 23:39)Travis Cobbs Wrote: Attached is a zip file containing a sample .ldviewrc.

Should the ldviewrc file be automatically created like LDview.conf ? 

If yes, are there any plans to update the OSMesa module to allow this going forward ?


No. It gets updated updated (with unofficial parts info) after being created. But if you don't create one in the first place, it won't get created. And settings specified on the command line don't get written into it. The Qt configuration file that is created by the Qt UI version of LDView contains settings made via the UI. Since OSMesa LDView is for command line snapshots only (plus exports in a future release), there is never a time when it will be have normal settings written to it any way other than manually. Note that LDView's help document has a list of settings, and the setting name is what goes into this file as a key.
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