Where can I download LDraw?

RE: Where can I download LDraw?
(2017-01-21, 5:24)Orion Pobursky Wrote:
(2017-01-21, 4:36)bob mcpherson Wrote: Thank you for explaining that a little better...Sorry. I usually can figure these things out..call it a Brain-Fart.

Thanks again.

No problem.  Happy LDrawing.

I must admit, I was totally confused by this too. Step 1 asks us to download and install the original Ldraw package, adding that "This step cannot be skipped". I did this, only to find myself wondering why there was a .exe file and no .dmg file.  Clicking on Step 2, then, offers the option of downloading either the complete package or just the software. Surely, it seems to me, it would make more sense to have this as step 1?  As a complete neophyte, it wasn't obvious at all to me that the LDraw package didn't contain any actual software.


Simon Williams
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