LPub3D How to Add Rotation Step

RE: LPub3D How to Add Rotation Step
(2018-09-02, 23:36)David Manley Wrote:
(2018-09-02, 16:19)reinout Wrote: I use stud.io with steps to create instructions. I then export the file as Ldraw. I open Lpub3D and it makes instructions, it works really good only for the viewpoint.
I use the latest version of Lpub3D in windows 10 , but i don't know what version that would be of Lpub3D

If you are willing to post a link to your Ldraw file, I'm willing to have a look to see if there's anything which might be wrong with it. For example, there might be something like a LPUB CALLOUT BEGIN without a matching LPUB CALLOUT END.

To see which version of LPub3D you are using, select the menu item "Help/About LPub3D ...". It will open a window in which, at the top, you will see something like "Version 2.2.2 Revision 0 Build 848".

i am using version 2.2.2 Revision 0 Build 848.
How do i post a link to of my Ldraw file?  When is crashes it says = Lpub3D just crashed, crash info send to AppData/Local/Lpub3D Software/Lpub3D/dump/Lpub3ddump.dmp.
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