LPub3D How to Add Rotation Step

RE: LPub3D How to Add Rotation Step
(2018-08-31, 0:13)David Manley Wrote:
(2018-08-29, 10:37)reinout Wrote: I think i have a simular problem. When i want to rotate my submodels, to better see the steps, LPub3d crashed. It is so bad it crashed even if i click on the 'rotate model' buttons.
Can anyone help me with this?

Could you post and let us know
(a) which version of LPub3D you are using and
(b) which operating system you are using

If you use LDCad as your modelling tool, the alternative is to define your rotations within LDCad. I find it easier with LDCad than LPub3D. Using LDCad you can right mouse click on the "Step" in the text source window, select the "Properties..." menu item and change the step type to be a rotation related step.


I use stud.io with steps to create instructions. I then export the file as Ldraw. I open Lpub3D and it makes instructions, it works really good only for the viewpoint.
I use the latest version of Lpub3D in windows 10 , but i don't know what version that would be of Lpub3D
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