Parts tracker not recognizing login?

RE: Parts tracker not recognizing login?
(2016-04-06, 20:33)GeraldĀ Lasser Wrote: I was just prompted to log-in on the Partstracker using Firefox.

Can't really remember when it did this last time.

You need to be logged in so that the Parts Tracker knows who you are to check what permissions you have.

If you previously logged into the old (Phorum) forum and asked to be remembered permanently, the Parts Tracker would have used that cookie and you would probably never have been asked to login again. Now we are on the new (myBB) forum, the Parts Tracker only looks at the cookie from logging in to this. Even if your Phorum cookie is still valiid, it is no longer being checked. Orion is investigating why the myBB cookies are expiring on session end.
Chris (LDraw Parts Library Admin)
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