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Milan Vančura Wrote:This is what I call The Improvement, many thanks for this!

I realized that I was being a bit stubborn about this so I changed my mind in favor of inclusion. That said, we will make it clear that PMs are not private in the strictest sense of the word and will be monitored from time to time by the admins. Additionally I will not fail to disable PMs for a given user at the slightest hint of abuse or inappropriateness.

Milan Vančura Wrote:However, this is another extreme: there are two independent systems and it is not even clear for users there are two of them: somewhere, you find a button "send an e-mail" and elsewhere "send PM". I do not understand the reason for these parallel systems. What about turning the e-mail function off and let users to set e-mail notifications if/when they want to? Everything private will be a PM then.

EDIT: Both can be achieved in your profile options: disable e-mail address and set PM notifications. I believe it makes sense to make this the default.

This can be fixed on the backend with database edits.

Milan Vančura Wrote:The e-mail notification footer says that only a notification about one PM is sent and then all others are discarded until you check forum via www interface. I do not find this convenient and I did not find the option to change this behavior to "send me all notifications". Is that possible?

And from the other end: the e-mail notification header has no e-mail address in "From" field. Only the forum name. It looks like it is simply not filled in the main admin configuration. Orion, may you check this, please?

I'll look into both of these.
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