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(2016-08-15, 22:07)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: I have made many simple parts, like these helpers, on my own, mostly using only type 2 lines. Why can't I see them in LDCad ?
Willy has on his site a very useful helper called Her.dat. That one is not visible at all in LDCad, even though it uses some type 3 lines.

I've placed all these Helpers in a separate folder called ../Helpers/Parts/.. , but I can't get LDCad to read that folder.

To add unoffical parts to LDCad's inventory you must add an (un)offical library location to the search paths.

To do this select the main library and click 'new' this will copy the line and append it at the bottom. Next change its type to 'unofficial library'  and then change its 'location' using the browse folder/archive button (use archive if you want to add a zip file). In your case use the folder one and point it to the (absolute location of) ../Helpers   if this folder hasn't got a 'p' subfolder it will warn you about it but if so chooise 'use it anyway'.

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