LDCad 1.6 suggestions/plans

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Jason Smith Wrote:So in the future would it be possible to import a script created by some one who knows how to make one which then the user could simply execute said script? There could be all kinds of scripts I suppose for parts lists, instruction creation etc.

Or is all the scripting going to need to be done by the user?
Scripts can be written by others. There also will be a couple of defaults (deployed like the bins etc).

Initially I was thinking about using macro scripts for things like:

Generating a brick sphere / wall etc.
Auto placement for specific configurations (e.g. engine pistons) by manipulating the current selection etc.
Generate random minifig.

But like suggested above access to the part bin (groups) could be fun too.

My ultimate hope is to add support of real-time kinetics through a script written by someone with a math/physics phd or something Smile
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