LDCad 1.6 suggestions/plans

Re: LDCad 1.6 suggestions/plans
Not sure anyone else would find these useful, but I figured I'd put them out there and see. Smile All of these are "nice to haves".

Customizable tabs for parts bin window
I love that we can now have multiple part bin windows but sometimes I don't always remember which parts are selected for the tabs I have. Would it be possible to allow customization of the numbers on the parts bin window tabs? I was thinking something like being able to enter two characters so that you could have something like "T1", "T2" for Technic parts, "PT" for plain tiles, "NP" for normal plates...whatever the user wants to enter to help remember what that tab is on. Granted, some might change up whats in the tabs a lot and this might not help. I find myself usually setting up certain tabs for certain parts to make it easier to find them and I would definitely use this feature. Smile

Ability to create groups for favorite parts
I like the ability to favorite parts and that comes in really handy. I think the next "evolution" Smile of favorites could be to allow the creation of favorite groups. For example, say I like to build mechs and Technic race cars. I'd favorite a lot of parts for both of those and they would all get bunched together in my favorites so I don't have to jump around looking for everything I need. Granted, even with having favorite parts for both (or even more) lumped together and going through my favorites it's usually faster than trying to find the pieces by browsing or searching. Being able to separate them into different groups could make it even simpler and faster for different types of builds. Maybe even make those lists "portable" (i.e. saved to a file or exportable/importable) so that they can be shared if people want to do that. You could even go so far as to select all the parts for a particular build and then create a favorites group based off of those parts. Some might ask what's the point of creating a favorite's list for all the parts of a build when you could just open up the model. However, sometimes I have models with parts I don't use very often and I don't remember the name/number of the part and it takes a while to find it (if I haven't favorited it). If I could save all the parts for that model to a group I could easily go to that group and find the part rather than having to search for something I don't remember the name for (maybe I just need more practice searching ;-)). Anyway, I think having groups like that available could be pretty useful. I'd be interested to hear what others think of this idea.

Ability to export parts list
I think this might have been mentioned before, and I realize that there are different formats in use, but I figured I'd throw it out there. I also realize that there are other programs that can create lists from LDraw files, but having it all in one place is just faster and easier. So, Roland, if you're bored one weekend... ;-)

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