LDCad 1.6 suggestions/plans

Re: LDCad 1.6 suggestions/plans
Milan Vančura Wrote:edges are not transparent so one gets something like a wired model - emphasized groups still are not visible well
So what is needed is a 'real' ghosting feature, so instead of hiding parts they will remain somewhat visible. Should be fairly easy playing around with the alpha channel during rendering. I'll do some testing/trials with 1.6.

Milan Vančura Wrote:to set alpha channel of bricks walls one needs to modify ldconfig.ldr and restart LDCad (twice)l
You could try assigning them an encoded transparent color number during scripting, but I've never tested that myself. Only downside is the encoded transparency currently uses a hard coded alpha value of 0.75. Alternative would be to hide all the background stuff / render it separately and combine the two images using gimp or something.

Milan Vančura Wrote:scripting API does not contain any call to make a selection so I had to make a group containing all the model
Alternative would be to loop trough all reference lines setting the color for them one by one in script before assigning the color to the groups.
local sf=ldc.subfile()
  for i=1,sf:getRefCount() do

Milan Vančura Wrote:one needs scripting - this becomes even more complicated when/if we needed a real animation as welll
But that's where the fun lives Smile
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