LDCad 1.6 suggestions/plans

Re: LDCad 1.6 suggestions/plans
I don't think this capability currently exists in LDCad but correct me if I'm wrong.

The ROTSTEP command in LPUB is helpful when writing building instructions, with LPUB having a default camera view angle for the instructions.
  1. Add a "build instructions view" option (to the 3D view or perhaps as a separate viewing angle) to display the model from the (LDCad) default camera angle position. When using the "build instructions view", the model will not be rotatable.
  2. Allow the (LDCad) default camera angle to be specified/changed. Perhaps set its initial value to whatever the corresponding angle is in LPUB.
  3. When stepping through the instructions in LDCad and a ROTSTEP command is encountered in an LDraw file, rotate the "building instructions view" viewing angle accordingly.
  4. Add capability to insert ROTSTEP commands into the LDraw file. An interactive angle selection by looking at the model (a la MLCad) would be useful.



P.S. Congratulations on the receiving the James Jessiman Memorial Award for 2015.
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