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Hopefully an easy one.

Roland, happy new year. Love your program. I am in the process of converting models from LDD to LDraw and have discovered your program and am really liking it. However, some of my LDD models are quite large. What I need is the right click ability from LDD. I need to be able to set a new rotation centerpoint.

Currently, it seems like the camera centerpoint is fixed in the center of the bounding box for the whole model. I need to be able to pick a brick and make it the new camera centerpoint (since some of my models are geographically quite large and spread out) and zoom in tight on that one area and spin around it to work. If this is already a capability, please forgive my ignorance. I am still learning all of the details of the interface. It does seem like I can achieve an approximation of what I am looking for by switching back and forth between 2D and 3D modes (using 2D mode to gain a new camera centerpoint), but it would be nice to have the centerpoint function on the right click popup for a brick (allowing it to be set directly from 3D mode).

Oh ya... in the normal course of editing I would be looking to use this ability with the SPN rotation style... but I imagine the concept could work the same for both styles.
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