LDCad 1.6 suggestions/plans

Re: LDCad 1.6 suggestions/plans
Philippe Hurbain Wrote:I see no white/blue line.
It could have sworn there was a white/blue line somewhere in there but I checked the source
path.generateFallBackLine(fallbackRD, path.getLenUsed(), path.getLenReal(), TLDColor(15), TLDColor(4));
And you are right it's a red/white one only, I've must have changed it a some point Smile

Philippe Hurbain Wrote:Speaking of rubber bands, maybe it should be interesting to make length tolerance assymetrical: a rubber band can't be shorter than its unextended length, but can be stretched up to say 100%.

(edit): Still about rubber bands, I find it a bit annoying that LDCad only shows theoretical length, not actual one.
A related question, is there an easy way to get the length of a flexible part while editing it in nested mode? Ideally in real time, but dhowing lengh when idle would be already nice, currently I found no other way than going back to normal editing mode.
The real-life part length is something the constraint description was intended for, I will polish that feature at some point. The current length of any generated part should also be given in the part bin cell hints, but I just discovered this only works for parts without a open editing session. I'll correct this in the definitive 1.5 version.
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