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Roland Melkert Wrote:I never used buffer exchange myself but as it has also been asked by email I have been looking into it. Inititally I thought it allowed for sections of code to be push/popped but it seems it always act on the entire subfile. So I probably could work with a bitmask on the to be rendered lines (giving 32 or 64 buffers) or something. GUI wise it's would propably work best combined with the source window.
I'm not 100% sure I understand you. A very good explanation is at LPub tutorial page. Simply said, the "store" and "retrieve" pair of commands is used to forget everything between them and continue after retrieve with the model as it was in time of "save" command. Another example is in the tutorial I linked above.

How to make this comfortable and easy to understand in LDCad?
I do not want to see both new and replaced parts at the same time, in following steps. Neither I want to hide them manually, one by one. How to deal with all this automatically?
About arrows: do you think, Roland, it is possible to prepare an arrow editor?

Another question is: Is this syntax enough? - more details are in my answer to Merlijn's comment lower
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