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Re: LDCad 1.6 suggestions/plans
Roland Melkert Wrote:
Philippe Hurbain Wrote:...do something useful with the "count" property?
My initial plan for this was to have it decrease the numbers based on the current model so you could build a model and end up with zero parts in the bin when finished.
Yes, that would be very useful for alternative models building (and contests)! I prefer to have it "stupid only" - no policy set like disabling pieces with '0' count etc. Just show the current result of (original_count minus used_count), red if negative.
Nice-to-have extension: a function to select pieces in the model which are not from this list.
EDIT: About thee import of this kind of data: I vote for a brickstore (BSX) format import function. This way one can use brickstock directly with LDCad (and import sets data or personal lists there so you do not need to think about that) and also rebrickable.com offers an export to BSX format.
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