LDCad 1.6 suggestions/plans

Re: LDCad 1.6 suggestions/plans
Merlijn Wissink Wrote:
Milan Vančura Wrote:[...]
* snapping for templates - for example Hose Rigid 3mm snapping with Clips or Minifig Hands, regardless how it is bent

+1 for this one Smile
Especially when the clips are rotated in a weird way, it's quite a lot of work to line up the rigid hose or flex-axles with the current version. Also because those flexible parts can move/transform a little when doing something somwhere else on the same part. If you'd implement such a snapping feature for flexible parts, you'd probably need to implement a way to 'lock the snap' (just like in real life), if you understand what I mean...
Snap points inclusion on generated parts (inherited from the donorparts) is pending, I'll put it on the must have list.
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