[LDPartEditor] 0.8.4 Beta Released

[LDPartEditor] 0.8.5 Beta Announcement / More answers...
First things first: I will publish version 0.8.5 Beta tonight (5 new features + 8 bug fixes).

Philippe Hurbain Wrote:- is it possible to add a part or subpart from current project (or from library!) in a more user friendly way than typing the whole LDraw line in text editor?
No, not yet. I created a ticket for this enhancement.

Philippe Hurbain Wrote:- Usage of really precise calculations is great, but some 60 or more digits render text editor completely illegible. Of course rounding is not an option because all benefit would be lost... but perhaps numbers could be _displayed_ with some rounding?
There is no trivial solution to this. LDPE can't simply display the number with some roundings. To clarify this, I have to give you more information on how LDPE works:
  • The data representation is an exact object model of the part file
  • Each line of the part file is an immutable object
  • The 3D editor and the text editor are synchronised by default (with a little delay to reduce the CPU workload; synchronisation costs are high)
Every time, you edit a line in the text editor (or 3 lines, 1.000 lines, it doesn't matter)
  • All the old line data gets deleted.
  • The edited line will be parsed in realtime...
  • ...with instant error detection...
  • ...and a single new object is generated for this line...
  • The new line is then linked to the object structure.
Which means that all information from the old object is lost.
The whole process is unfortunately a lot more complex!

Philippe Hurbain Wrote:- Speaking of rounding, is there a way to define rounding tool precision?
Just hold CTRL and press the rounding button to customise the settings.
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