[LDPartEditor] 0.8.4 Beta Released

Re: [LDPartEditor] 0.8.4 Beta Released
Yes, that's more or less what I did, editing a LDD mesh (minifig snowboard). At least I was able to do a few things. But many remain completely mysterious. Eg. how do I change the orientation of 3D view??? A few things are wonderful, such as building a quad by selecting 4 vertices... but when I tried to do the same thing in a place where I had aligned vertices I was unable to select the correct one. Maybe it would have worked on 3D view, but as said above I was unable to change its orientation...
Finding the primitive you need is also a nightmare on those super tiny thumbnails. I dream of a possibility to switch to text mode instead! Actually that's what I did, slowly moving the mouse one by one on the pesky thumbnails till I found the right description... I noticed that there is a toolbar button saying "insert one subpart (part tree selection)" and briefly hoped that would help, but it seems to do nothing at all?

Philo, feeling a tad less dumb, but even more frustrated...
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