[LDPartEditor] 0.8.4 Beta Released

0.8.4c Beta FAQ
Hello Magnus,

I will try to answer your questions:

Is it possible to turn of the internal Rectifier?
Everytime I hit Save, in the text editor, it creates rect-prims I don't want.

This is a bug! LPE 0.8.4c does not rectify on save. Rectifier creates accidentally rect#.dat primitives on the whole file when "Split" and "Slicerpro" were used. It will be fixed with the release of 0.8.4d. I fixed and tested it already in my developer version.

The internal Rectifier creates rect-prims that are scaled in three dimensions.

This is a bug, too... I will try to fix it with the next release.

How do I create a subfile?
I want to select all in same colour, then move them to a subfile.
The Selector from Philo does a neat trick: Select all in the same colour, and move selection to the end of the file.

This is a new feature, which is easy to implement. You can already sort by colour with the text editor window as a temporary workaround. Regarding the subfile creation, you can create a subpart by clicking on "New Part File" (text- or 3D-editor) and choose the "S" folder as a target location. The philosophy of LDPE is to represent each project as a fraction of the real LDraw library structure. A project has its own "P","8","48", "PARTS" and "S" folders to be compliant with the library structure.

Why doesn't the Save button in the viewer do the same thing as the Save button in the text editor?
Save button in the viewer wants to create/save a project and starts to create a number of folders when I use it.
Save button in the editor simply saves my file.

This is a GUI issue. The program needs a better GUI design to distinguish between "Projects" and "Part Files"... and it needs also a "Save As..." feature.

Where and when can I read a manual on how to use LPE?

You can read a manual on JC's page and here is my official wiki. Both are WIP.

Is it possible to change the position of the light source?
When I zoom in close, the interesting area sometimes end up being shaded, or to dark to work with.[/quote]

You can either turn off the lights (View Actions -> Lights) or reset the light source with a double click (LMB) on a location in the 3D space. The double click sets also the center of rotation and the manipulator to this location.

Leg godt

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