Streamlining the exchange of models that use unofficial parts

IMHO, the backlog is the problem
to add my 0.02 EUR to this discussion, I'd like to share my thoughts:

From my perspective, the problem is the backlog of parts on the PT.
The normal way this tracker should work is like a workbench.
Just a handful of files would sit on it, they would be cooperatively worked on,
then released. The time window while they are unofficial would be minimal.
People would not be forced to use so many unofficial parts if there were not so many of them,
sitting for so long on the PT.
So instead of being a pile of long unfinished parts which sit on the PT for years now (literally),
we should strive to finish lots of them and bring the PT more to a workbench character
instead of being an archive.This means that we'd have to continue bringing the backlog down
more and more. The last official parts updates were big steps in that direction. They brought
out lots and lots of now finished parts, giving users of our library plenty of beautifully crafted parts.
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