OMR specification and unofficial files

Re: OMR specification and unofficial files
Quote:to detect inlined parts that are official. Or is MPDcenter maybe able to do that

That is one of the lot build in functions of MPDCenter :-)

I like to give my 0.50 cent to this discussion:
1) unofficial models may change in ANY way !
2) using unofficial files is up to the author of a model, so he needs to care about his model.
3) The omr is "build" under the name of LDraw and we need to care about the "official" models.
4) The only way to fix this under one rule is including (not inlining) the unofficial parts used in a model.

I like rendered pictures made with lgeo parts very much, but all the things LDraw make official are not POV-Ray related.
So it is up to you to accept the rules (compromises) we made for the majority of users for the omr.

Did you try MPDCenter already? Do you missing any feature?
I am open for improvements :-)
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