Lower-casing the library

Re: Lower-casing the library
Sylvain Sauvage Wrote:For the other main programs I know of (MLCAD, LDCAD, etc.), either they are Windows only, and the question doesn’t arise (ditto in Wine), or closed-source, and I won’t know.
LDCad does full path case insensitive lookups in both the Windows and Linux versions. This is done by caching the file listings of all needed target folders. It is needed even on Windows as it also gives you the correct casing when the reference was wrong.

So for example even a reference like: mEsSEd/uP/fILenAme/rEf.dAT will resolve to e.g. messed/up/fileName/ref.dat

Only possible problem on case sensitive file systems will be when there are different cased versions of the same file present, in such cases the first one will 'win'.
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