Lower-casing the library

Lower-casing the library
My attention was drawn to this topic by a post by Sylvain Sauvage on LeoCAD list:
I just realized that Leocad tries to open “ldconfig.ldr”.
The problem is the file is named “LDConfig.ldr” so it’s not
found on case-sensitive filesystems (that means about every
decent FS ;o).
Not a big problem as the default color palette is up to date
but, still, worth knowing IMHO.
I thought all files in the LDraw library were supposed to be lower case.
  Parts files and directories are. LDConfig.ldr isn’t. (And .txt files aren’t either.)
  I didn’t find any reference to case sensitivity in the LDR file format. I only found that for the Official Library
  “While both upper and lower case letters are permitted in  filenames, filenames are case-insensitive. Currently, all
   official parts are issued with upper-case only names.”
and that is contradicted by the fact that the ZIP file uses lower-case only names.

  Plus, “internally,” the library isn’t consistent, .dat files refer to others as:
— low.dat
— UP.dat
— low.DAT
— and a few have MiXeD-cAsE references
I think we should do something to clean up this in library, and also correct article 512...
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