Lay out all the parts in model

Lay out all the parts in model
Does anyone have a tool or script that would take a standard LDR or MPD file and then create a new LDR file that contains all the parts from that model, but lay them out in nice neat rows? The layout as shown below is the kind of thing I'm after.

[Image: v9-2.jpg]

Ideally the script would have some sort of bounding box method to intelligently position the pieces.

As an alternative, is there a script or tool that can analyse the pieces in an LDR file and generate an output like this (ideally as a new LDR file)?

[Image: L%28EGO%29Draw33.png]

How about a more clever script that takes all the parts and then randomly assembles them in a pile - like this:
[Image: LegoBricks.jpg]
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