Find out what parts in LDD convert tot LDraw

Re: Find out what parts in LDD convert tot LDraw
Hi Jaco,

first I do apologize for my belated reply.
The solution you are proposing is definitely an option, however I am personally thinking that in order to keep things clean it would be better if only one person is responsible of maintaining and updating the Ldraw.xml file. This allows him to review and approve every new part.
I proposed this solution on this thread a few months ago and I personally volunteered to maintain the file and I created a page on my website where everyone can download the most updated version and can submit new parts translations.

Here is the link:!ldraw/cgjo

What do you (and everybody else) think about this plan?
Nothing set in stone of course, but I would like to keep this open to everyone to contribute and the cloud filesharing I'm not sure it is the best way for multiple users, in addition not everyone is using Google drive, so it might discourage people from contributing.

I also started to write a tutorial about how to generate the translation data for a brick, but I am still not done yet.


- Mattia
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