LDCad 1.5 Alpha 1 (win+linux)

Re: LDCad 1.5 Alpha 1 (win+linux)
Niklas Buchmann Wrote:When you "cut" multiple parts from the model to paste them somewhere else, all the parts that are in any group disappear in the process. They get deleted from the source like they should, but they don't appear when you paste.
Very weird but you are right none of the group content is copied to the clipboard. I've must have broken something along the way. It will be fixed in the next version.

Niklas Buchmann Wrote:The only way to get them back is use "undo". When you use undo, however, the parts that preiously were in groups are all ungrouped.
Currently the grouping state of things are not tracked in the undo system. To make that work all grouping actions must be tracked (e.g. ctrl+g etc) something somehow feels weird to me. I have some grouping changes/extensions planned for 1.6 so I might add it anyway, but I'll have to think about it some more.

Niklas Buchmann Wrote:Another thing: You can't dock windows when the option "lock docked windows" is activated. This can be quite confusing when you try to find ut why you can't dock windows the way it is explained.
I could make it so you can still dock while things are locked but as soon as you 'release' the window you won't be able to undock it again which to me seems a bit weird. Maybe a message box like 'docking is currently locked' is a better solution.

Thanks for the feedback.
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