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Re: LDCad 1.5 Alpha 2 (win+linux)
Philippe Hurbain Wrote:I just stumbled on something that can be considered as a bug (or at least it should trigger a warning message):
I created a model with some submodels, then I decided to make a submodel from that model. No problem, select all then use reorganize -> move to submodel. Saved the file, looked at source file... complete mess! the initial submodels were almost empty (only remained step metas), all the part were now dumped in the newly created submodel.
Then I realized (after some head scratching!) that when I selected everything to move to submodel I was stupidly in nested mode! So individual parts and not submodels were moved to the new submodel.
It's not a bug it's a feature Smile

I'm not sure how a warning would be triggered though, as you usually want to move lines around even if they span multiple levels it's the main goal of the source window. I could however do a (nag) warning on just ctrl+a during nesting mode?

Philippe Hurbain Wrote:Side issue (is it?): the resulting file after my "nested mistake" was missing the parts of one copy of the submodel that was used twice.
This is also not a bug but more a shortcoming. The lines are moved and those submodels might be used multiple times but the lines them selves only exist once. I could probably add a warning for this though.

Philippe Hurbain Wrote:...and a question: is there a way to import a model mpd inside another model mpd? I can of course use the mpd by reference, but I'd like to build a single, self contained mpd.
Some mpd tools are pending (prob 1.6), tools like: pack/unpack unoffical files, convert to mpd/loose ldrs, drop unused submodels, etc. so I'll add it to the list thanks for the suggestion.
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