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Milan Vančura Wrote:Couldn't you place it to the src line directly, please? It's a similar problem like with icons in the top menu: I feel like watching (vertical) tennis match: pointing eyes on mouse cursor at the top part of the screen, then on the hint line at the bottom, then back on the mouse cursor... Smile And in the source window, it would be useful even more: one can scroll source file "to the step 13", for example. If you cannot see those number directly there, you can't do that.
The hint in the statusbar started out to spare on OpenGL re-rendering but on modern cards this doesn't seem to be a real issue anymore. Maybe I'll add an optional 'real' hint system in a later version as I have some ideas on improving the windowing rendering system anyway. I'm not sure about displaying the step number in the source text it self as it isn't part of the step meta format. Although i do see your point so maybe it should use a different font or something, I'll have to think about it Smile

Milan Vančura Wrote:It happened after editing another model and opening this one later. AFAIK, no editing of this model. But I cannot reproduce this bug now, even I try to simulate the same order of models opened etc. Same as with another bug I wanted to report you but I cannot reproduce it now either. So I agree to ignore this until/unless I can reproduce it.
Where you using the model nested before opening it on its own? I did a quick check on the source thinking 'how would it happen if I actually wanted it to happen' and the only way a line could move to another step is through the source window line moves or a 'move to step' operation both of which use the same core routine which basically replicates the line and marks the old one deleted (so it is still there for undo operations). As this a fairly complicated operation I don't see how it could happen own its own. This, of course, doesn't mean it can't happen as the program is getting ridiculously complicated / large Smile
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