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Re: LDCad 1.5 Alpha 1 (win+linux)
Roland Melkert Wrote:
Niklas Buchmann Wrote:While I'm at filters, do you think it's possible a small list of one-click filter presets like Sergio did in SR 3d builder? I find that's something I'm missing a lot in LDCad. It wouldn't have to be long list, just somehing like a list of numbers from 1 to 16 to filter the dimensions of plates etc.
I could add some kind of filter template combo I'll see what I can do. In the mean time try to minimize using the generic search group as it indeed gives too much results unless you search for something specific. Instead use the category branch to limit things to e.g. panels to start with.

What I meant is this: Let's say I'm in the "normal plates" category and the filter is set to "8", showing me only eight-long plates. Now I need a twelve-long plate. What I have to do is click once to delete the filter, click again to create a new filter, enter "12" on the keyboard and press enter. In SR 3d builder this was one single click on the "12" button next to the filter/search input area.

One more thing I just remembered: When you open the filter dialog, the previously entered filter text is still in the input field so in order to enter a new text, you first have to delete the old text. I think it would be more comfortable if the text was selected by default so you can overwrite it or if it was deleted altogether.

Niklas Buchmann Wrote:And do you think it would make sense to filter out aliases, moved parts and submodels (any part starting with = or ~, I think) in the list of search results in the part bin?
This is already possible using the filer dialog. You open it by clicking the filter text area. In it you'll find some include options at the right.

Thanks, I never noticed that.
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