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Re: LDCad 1.5 Alpha 2 (win+linux)
Owen Dive Wrote:When creating a new model, if you check the 'Sync with filename' box in the header dialog that comes up, it's not actually populated in the source view until you open the header dialog box again and click OK. Even if you save the model, it's not in the .ldr file either.
It seems to misbehave after the first save, which is technically a file rename. I'll fix it in the next version. It also needs some improvements combined with manual editing the single name tag.

Owen Dive Wrote:For a flex part like a rubber band, the source view doesn't scroll to show the whole line.
The horizontal scroll limit is hard coded at the moment. Improvements on this are pending.

Owen Dive Wrote:Some indication in the source view would be nice if the part is hidden.
I'm thinking about graying out but I'm not sure how to keep it different from comment lines besides just a different gray value.

Owen Dive Wrote:If you hover over a toolbar icon, you get a text description of that function in the Status bar. It would be nice if that description also included the keyboard shortcut (if it exists), like the menu does. I accept that this might be tricky to implement with the configurable shortcut keys that is coming.
Actually after the changes needed for hokey re-assignments are in place ti will be almost free. But I kinda decided to push the reasignemnt thing to 1.6 as it makes more sense combined with on of the 1.6 planned features (scripting extensions for so you can use macro's).

Owen Dive Wrote:Selecting multiple items in the source view doesn't always work like I would expect.
I think it mostly acts like I wanted it to, except for the deselect glitch. I use ctrl+shift as shift alone is already used for 'change workpart'. Also I thought it would be more consistent with the 3d selecting mechanics.

So currently a shift+ctrl will select or deselect everything between the clicked item and the previous one based on the selected state of that last one. So shif+ctrl after you selected something will select all in between them and shift+ctrl (should) after you last deselect something deselect all in between.

Thanks for your feedback Owen.
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