LDCad 1.5 Alpha 1 (win+linux)

Re: LDCad 1.5 Alpha 2 (win+linux)
So I know I said I'd have a go next week, but I got impatient!
I've got a number of comments, ranging from bug reports, thru deliberate-but-unexpected behaviours (i.e. it might be a bug, or it might be done it that way for a reason), to feature requests.

* When creating a new model, if you check the 'Sync with filename' box in the header dialog that comes up, it's not actually populated in the source view until you open the header dialog box again and click OK. Even if you save the model, it's not in the .ldr file either.
[Image: ldcad_name_bug.PNG]

* For a flex part like a rubber band, the source view doesn't scroll to show the whole line.
[Image: ldcad_scroll.PNG]

* Some indication in the source view would be nice if the part is hidden. Though please don't go to the extent of MLCad and not show the whole line. Maybe just grey out the text or something.

* If you hover over a toolbar icon, you get a text description of that function in the Status bar. It would be nice if that description also included the keyboard shortcut (if it exists), like the menu does. I accept that this might be tricky to implement with the configurable shortcut keys that is coming.

* Selecting multiple items in the source view doesn't always work like I would expect.
  • Select separate items. Uses CTRL, just like I expect.
  • Select contiguous range. Uses CTRL + SHIFT, when I expect just SHIFT.
    • Range is always expanding, rather than being relative to the first item selected. For example, suppose there were 10 lines in the ldr file. If I select line 3 and hold down SHIFT (or in this application, CTRL + SHIFT) and then click on line 5, I expect to see lines 3, 4, and 5 selected (and this is indeed what happens). If I then click line 9, I expect the selection to grow to include lines 6, 7, 8, and 9 (again, this is what happens). If I then click line 6, I expect the selection to drop to just 3, 4, 5, and 6. If I then click line 2, I expect the selection to be lines 2 and 3. Instead, I've got lines 2-9 selected.
    • Selecting a part vs selecting the line in the source view: If I select a part on the model, the source view highlights, but if I want to use that as the start of a range selection I have to click it again - CTRL + SHIFT clicking a different line selects only the two lines, not all the ones in between.
  • If deselecting from a range of selected lines, I expect the behaviour to be symmetrical to selecting. Extending the earlier example, if I start with lines 2-9 selected, let go of SHIFT, and click on line 4, that line is deselected (like I would expect). If I then hold SHIFT again and click line 6, lines 5 and 6 are also deselected (just like for selecting things). But, if I click line 5 (which would have had no effect had I been selecting things), the line is now selected, and I any further clicks just grow the selection from line 5.

I hope that makes sense?
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