New header meta proposal: 0 !BOM

Re: New header meta proposal: 0 !BOM
Seems like a useful meta indeed.

How would you handle the level parameter though?

It might become very messy if at some point a new level is introduced while loads of parts are using e.g. 1, 2, 3. Causing the the new one to be e.g. sort of 2.5.

So we probably should use 'enum' strings for the level, that way a new level can be inserted by updating the spec.

Also !BOM made me think you wanted to list a models material list or something until I read 'part files'. I like Gerald's annotation term better so maybe !ANNOTATION ?

I'm I right to understand this is usually length related information, if so it might be useful to split the info into a value and a unit so software can convert the value to whatever they need (mm, inch, etc)

Just my 2 LSB cents Wink
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