New header meta proposal: 0 !BOM

New header meta proposal: 0 !BOM
This meta would be followed by a short string (max length to be defined, 6 chars is probably OK) containing the length of the element (or any other string that would help distinguish a part from another). That string would be displayed next to the part image in BOMs and in editors parts bin. Counting holes or studs in tiny thumbnails of a part is tedious at best, distinguishing a 9L axle from a 10L one is next to impossible...
Possible extension:
0 !BOM V string
where V would be a "verbose level", the editor or BOM generator would only display text below some user defined level. It would be the responsability of part author to set this level at a sensible value, 1 beeing "most useful to be displayed", 2 "useful", 3 "if you insist you may display this"...
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New header meta proposal: 0 !BOM - by Philippe Hurbain - 2015-04-24, 8:43

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