Generate LDCad parts bin custom list.

Re: Generate LDCad parts bin custom list.
OK, I've succesfully created a pbg of an official set by hand. Using an inventory on Brickset I copied to Excel and create the right format of the text. It was actually not that hard or much work, though I have to add the ribbed hoses and tubes.

caption=Set 8246
description=Parts in the 8246 set

2780.dat:[color=0] [count=2]
2825.dat:[color=0] [count=2]
2905.dat:[color=14] [count=2]
3069bp28.dat:[color=0] [count=1]
32000.dat:[color=71] [count=1]
32013.dat:[color=0] [count=2]
32013.dat:[color=14] [count=2]
32014.dat:[color=0] [count=2]
32039.dat:[color=0] [count=2]
32062.dat:[color=0] [count=1]
32063.dat:[color=0] [count=2]
32068.dat:[color=71] [count=1]
32073.dat:[color=0] [count=3]
32123b.dat:[color=71] [count=3]
32125.dat:[color=4] [count=1]
32138.dat:[color=14] [count=1]
3482.dat:[color=0] [count=3]
3705.dat:[color=0] [count=3]
6558.dat:[color=0] [count=3]
6589.dat:[color=71] [count=2]
85543.dat:[color=15] [count=2]
Jaco van der Molen
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