Generate LDCad parts bin custom list.

Re: Generate LDCad parts bin custom list.
Ah, good question. I remember when I added this functionality, I wanted to respect Mario Pascucci's original intent to keep the system closed. To this end, you cannot add mappings from the UI; instead, upon BrickLink XML dump import the application will automatically transfer unmapped parts to the Part Mapping tab. At this time, you have to functionality to 'manually' create mappings and save them to the database.

So one way to add new mappings is to create and import a BL XML dump formatted XML file with the parts '<ITEM>' you want to add. The format is pretty simple. Here is an example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <ITEMTYPE>P</ITEMTYPE>         <!-- P=Regular Part             -->
      <ITEMID>2431</ITEMID>            <!-- Part Number                -->
      <QTY>2</QTY>                       <!-- Part Quantity              -->
      <COLOR>1</COLOR>                <!-- BrickLink Color Code       -->
      <EXTRA>N</EXTRA>                 <!-- Extra in set (Default=N)   -->
      <ALTERNATE>N</ALTERNATE>     <!-- Alternate Part (Default=N) -->
      <MATCHID>0</MATCHID>             <!-- Set Alternate (Default=0)  -->
      <COUNTERPART>N</COUNTERPART>  <!-- Part Assembly (Default=N)  -->

Let me know if this helps.

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