LDCad 1.4a (win+linux)

Re: LDCad 1.4a (win+linux)
Quote:Biggest change is the new 'figures' branch inside the sorted part bin group. It allows for easy access to the new friends figures, it also includes the old minifig groups (which I tweaked a bit in order to incorporate the new arms) and new Fabland and Technic figure groups.
Highly appreciated, after all the time I spent on Fabuland and Friends figures, to be able to edit them easily!
Quote:I've also added part snapping to all parts in those groups except for the minifig hair/hat and accessories.
Well, the Friends hairs I tested do have accessory pin connectivity?

Speaking of connectivity, it seems you didn't update connectivity on smooth panels and 1x1 round tiles?
(edit) Is it intended that there is no stud connectivity in the middle of stud4 primitives?

Parts bins:
- I like a lot the new figure bin organization. A tiny glitch: "Figure Fabuland hibs and limb" instead of "Figure Fabuland hips and limb"
- I think that mixing pins and connectors in the same Technic bin is not such a good idea, as there are MANY connectors, and pins are so ubiquitous. Pins are not very easy to use, especially since many connectors have pin in description making filter uneffective.
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